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Hanging your art

Once you’ve decided where everything will go, you’ll need to measure out your space and decide how best to centre your artwork. Make a small pencil mark on the wall where you want your picture to sit (the middle of the piece at roughly eye level) and another little mark on the wall for the nail (marking where the top of the tightened string will be). Canvas art is hung by its internal wooden frame at the back, so make sure the pencil mark for the nail is measured to fit that.

Next, hammer the nail into the wall where you have made the marking for the nail and hang your art. Use a spirit level to make sure your picture is straight and, if you want to, place wall mount tape on the back of the frame to keep it from sliding around.

Finally, step back and admire.


How to take care of your art   

Taking good care of your framed or canvas art at home can ensure the artwork you love lasts for years. We've highlighted some great tips below, based on our customer's frequently asked questions.

How do I clean framed art?

Before cleaning, remove the framed art from the wall and place on a flat stable surface.

The frame itself can be gently cleaned or dusted with a soft cloth or brush. Avoid using chemical cleaning products on your frame.

To clean Perspex glazing, wipe very gently using only a clean, damp and non-abrasive cloth. Use either water or a mild Perspex cleaner to dampen, again apply the fluid on to the cloth rather than the glazing itself.

How do I clean canvas art?

To prevent the build up of dust and having to do a more thorough clean it's always advisable to dust your Canvas art regularly with a feather duster. Alternatively, use a soft dry cloth to gently clean. Avoid using a damp cloth when cleaning your Canvas art.

How do I pack my framed art for transporting?

Find a cardboard box to fit the artwork within, making sure there's enough room for the bubble wrapping too.

Next, wrap your artwork up in bubble wrap. The corners of your artwork are most vulnerable, so ensure the corners are covered and protected well.

In order to add extra protection and ensure the artwork is snug, place packing material within the box and place the wrapped artwork within. Finally, use strong packing tape to close and secure the box.